In the fall of 2006, in the midst of the credit boom, feeling that I had lost my way, I committed myself to a path of healing. In the fall of 2008, living a version of the American dream dependent on credit, in the midst of the near collapse of the global economy, in love with a woman, I walked away from the life I had been leading. I wrote two books about my experience, The Dream that Must be Interpreted, and Green Man, with a third in the series in progress. These are not for me to decide if they are of any value; only you, with what I hope will be your monetary gratitude. There is also a novel, Progress Interrupted, a journey I hope you will join me on. Welcome to my website, with gratitude, and blessings on your journey, for you and yours. – William Hunter Duncan

P.S. I also blog @ Off The Grid In Minneapolis


6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi William,
    I discovered your blog and then this site via The Archdruid Report and I’ve been reading your posts regularly now for several weeks. It is weird to know someone by their written thoughts only, especially via the internet. But perhaps it is a better way to make new connections than the older, more random ways. At any rate, I live in the greater Twin Cities area and am in a mode to “seek out the tribe” as it were. So, I was wondering if you’d like to hang out sometime and talk shop, Doomer style. I’ll bring the beer.

    • Jambo,

      I enjoyed the video. I have long wanted to meet the Ayahuasca. I know a little about Martin Prechtel, or rather, I know what others think of him, and everything I’ve heard highly recommends him. Despair and Joy, indeed. I don’t despair so much any more, thankfully, having found much of the healing spoken about in that video, without the Ayahuasca. Still, I’ve dreamt of about three months in Peru.

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